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1.  Take 2

2. Team Of Me

3. Lemon Head (WWZ)

4. Be Real

5. Raised Up in Them Slums

6. All About Them Commaz

7. R.N.S.

8. Beat Yo Feet

9. Believe in Me

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Layah Renee

Layah Renee produces music on the PHAM label. Although many artists struggle to establish their musical identity, Layah is a talented rapper and songwriter cut from a different cloth. She uses her voice and lyrics to cover a full range of genres. The Detroit, Michigan, native creates heartfelt music from an authentic place, some of which chronicles her life experiences.

Her Story

The youngest of seven children, Layah was born seven months early. The complications of her delivery were detrimental to her mother's health, but they both survived unscathed. Weighing 3 pounds 8 ounces, Layah's frail body grew and flourished, while being nurtured with love.
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