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About Us

Phenomenally Amazzzin Music Group in Cleveland, OH, is a music record label whose staff has more than 20 years of combined experience in the industry. We focus on music and promoting quality up-and-coming artists locally, nationally, and internationally. Our label features all different types of music and artists, including hip-hop and R&B, country, rock, and more. We are interested in combining talent and genres to evolve musically and not be confined to one style of music. Currently, we are developing our own studio space where artists can record.

Musical Background

Layah remembers her father, Derrick Sr., who was a local DJ playing Michael Jackson's hit records, working day and night. To this day Layah cites Michael Jackson as one of her musical inspirations. She began writing lyrics at a young age because she grew up in a household filled with music. At age 13, when her grandmother passed, she found comfort in the studio and behind a microphone, writing her first song called "Money." Lyrics came easily, and her unique sound formed as a combination of her favorite artists, including Jay Z, Lil Kim, and Foxy Brown, as well as artists affiliated with No Limit Records and Cash Money. She recently graduated from Lakeland Community College in Cleveland with an audio engineering degree to ensure that she could continue to record and share as much of her music as possible without compromising the quality of her sound.


The difficulties she has faced throughout her life have shaped her melodic tales of triumph, hope, and determination. She is sure God has great plans for her and strives to use music as a healing aid to comfort people in times of sorrow, bring joy in times of togetherness, and speak to anyone who knows the universal language of music. She is currently working on creating her album, Crescendo.

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